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 As a reminder that when you enter the Club Property that you are entering an active Shooting and Hunting area and range rules are to be adhered to.  If you see someone you do not know you can verify that they are members by asking to see their membership card. The club property is private property and the General Membership has voted on posting the land as NO TRESPASSING.


***2018 Brookfield Conservation Club By Laws***

To view the potential updated by laws for 2018, please click the DOCX or PDF link box below/at the bottom of the page.


The by law changes were passed and still available for view on this page. They will take effect January First. Also the following rules regarding hunting were voted on and approved and will be in the new member handbook.

1. Member Should carry membership card while on the property.

2.Tree stands should have a tag at eye level with members name.

3. No screw in steps

4. No ATVs

5. There will be a donation box for any guest hunters who would like to contribute to the club.

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