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The Brookfield Tri-District Conservation Club hosts the Shenango River Rats Cowboy Action Shoot are held from May until October on the Second Saturday and the Last Thursday  of the monthly


2024 Cowboy Action Matches

May Saturday 11th and Thursday 30th

June Saturday 8th and Thursday 27th

July Saturday 13th and Thursday 25th

August Saturday 10th and Thursday 29th

September Saturday 14th and Thursday 26th

October Saturday 12th and Thursday 31st

Doors open at 9 shooting starts at 10 AM

For more info call Slow Mo Dern AKA Loren Scott

Cell (440) 361-9732   or  440-693-4210

There are 5 shooting stages.  You will need at least 50 rounds each of pistol and rifle ammo plus 25 shot shells.  Bring extra rounds for re-loads and bonuses.  Hope to see you there.

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