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22 Rim Fire Challenge   

                  2024 Rim Fire Shoots will be on the first Sunday starting at 11:00 AM to

                  3:00 PM.

                  June and running through November.

                  Contact Neil Hane @ 330-506-2844.


                  2024 Trap Shoots will be on Thursdays starting at 6:00 PM to 8;00 PM in

                  May and running through November.

                  Contact Dave Hunter @ (330) 978-2666.


                 The Turkey Shoots will be on Tuesday evenings starting Sept. 3rd, 2024       

                 until Dec. 17th, 2024 registration at 6:00 PM.  Shooting starts at 6:30 PM. 

                 There’s a money shoot and a blind shoot.  Its lots of fun.

                 The kitchen will be open for all you hungry guys and gals.

                 Contact Burl Tingler @ (330) 506-7235.


                Starting on May 11th, 2024, the Cowboy Shoots will be on every 2nd Saturday

                and Last Thursday of the month. Registration at 9:00 AM, shooting begins

                at 10:00 AM. The last shoot for this year will be October 31st, 2024. 

                We shoot 5 stages per match. You will need 50 rounds each of rifle and pistol

                ammo (100 rounds) and 25 plus shotgun shells.

                A Hot Lunch will be available and brought to the range around noon. 

                SASS TYPE 3 GUN SCENARIOS
                        GUN 1-SINGLE ACTION REVOLVERS
                        GUN 2-SIDE BY SIDE DOUBLE OR PUMP SHOTGUNS WITH OUTSIDE                                                    HAMMER
                       GUN 3-LEVER RIFLE WITH OUTSIDE HAMMER

               Contact Loren Scott at his email / Cell (330)361-9732.


              Monthly on 3rd Sunday year round. Registration at 11:00 AM, shooting starts at                   12:00 noon. Any metallic site, 10 one shot matches, pistol free style novelty,

              maybe shot offhand, bench, 2 hand whatever you like.

              5 shots best center shot takes it scored after rifle match.

              50 yard bench match with novelty target 3 shot for score.

              June 16th the 5th annual Bunker Hill (Red Coat Shoot).

              Contact John Douglas at his email



               Youth Fishing Derby:   June 1st, 2024 Registration at 9:00AM 

              Contact Burl Tingler @ (330) 506-7235.


             Youth Pheasant Hunt:  None scheduled at this time

             Rabbit Hunt:  None scheduled at this time                



Brookfield Sport Night Dinner

                    Saturday February 3rd, 2024 at Tiffany's Banquet Center doors open at 5:00 pm

              and Dinner starts at 6:00 pm. Cost of tickets is $40.00 per person.

              There will be a 5 Guns raffle, the cost is $20.00 per ticket.

              Contact Neil Hane @ 330-506-2844.   


Club Chicken Dinner

              Saturday September 21, 2024 at Brookfield Conservation Club doors open a 5 pm

              and Dinner starts at 5:30 pm. Cost of tickets is $25.00 per person.  

              Contact Burl Tingler @ (330) 506-7235.



RIFLE & PISTOL         None scheduled at this time

ARCHERY                    None scheduled at this time 



            Hunter Education:   Register on ODNR Web Site



             Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW)                   

                                         None Scheduled at this time


            Basic Reloading:

                                      None Scheduled at this time

           Range Safety Officer:

                                      None Scheduled at this time

           Beginning Shotgun : 


           Beginning Rifle :   None Scheduled at this time

WORK PARTIES           Weekly on Fridays starting at 9:00 AM

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