TRAP Shoots     

                  2018 Trap Shoots will be on Thursdays starting in April and running through                       November.


                 The Turkey Shoots are over for 2017 the will resume on Tuesday Evenings                             Starting Sept 2018 till Dec  2018 registration at 6:00 PM.  Shooting starts at                        6:30 PM.  There’s a money shoot and a blind shoot.  Its lots of fun. The kitchen                      will be open for all you hungry guys and gals.


                Monthly on 2nd Sat and Last Thursday of the month registration at 9:00 AM,                        shooting begins at 10:00 AM the Shenango River Rats Cowboy Action Shoot , the                  last shoot for this year will be October 26, 2017.  We will be shooting 6 stages.                    You will need 60 rounds each of rifle and pistol ammo and 25+ Shot shells. A                      Hot Lunch will be available and brought to the range around noon. 

                SASS TYPE 3 GUN SCENARIOS
                        GUN 1-SINGLE ACTION REVOLVERS
                        GUN 2-SIDE BY SIDE DOUBLE OR PUMP SHOTGUNS WITH OUTSIDE                                                    HAMMER
                       GUN 3-LEVER RIFLE WITH OUTSIDE HAMMER


             Monthly on 3rd Sunday year round:  registration at 11:00 AM, shooting starts at                  12:00 Noon



               Youth Fishing Derby:   Yearly in June on the 2nd Sunday with Registration at                        9:00AM 


             Youth Pheasant Hunt:   November, 2018 with Registration at 8:00 AM

             Rabbit Hunt:  Yearly the Last Saturday in January and February                       



CHICKEN DINNER:       Spring Chicken Dinner will be held on April 14, 2018.

                                      Dinner Tickets  $10.00

                                      Door Prize Ticket $10.00

                                           Electric Smoker, Auction and more See Calendar of events

RIFLE & PISTOL                 None scheduled at this time

ARCHERY                            None scheduled at this time 

EDUCATION COURSES:                


            Hunter Education:   Register on ODNR Web Site

                                            April 9, 11 and 12 th  starting at 5:30 PM 


             Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW)                   

                                         None Scheduled at this time


            Basic Reloading:

                                      None Scheduled at this time

           Range Safety Officer:

                                      None Scheduled at this time

           Beginning Shotgun :  April 21, 2018


           Beginning Rifle :   None Scheduled at this time

WORK PARTIES           Weekly on Fridays starting at 9:00 AM