Welcome to the Black Powder Smoking page.  Once a month, on the 3rd Sunday,  the old timers come out to the club and make their Long Rifles and Pistols spit fire and smoke in all kinds of weather.  Nothing stops these iron men and women from hitting their target.  The shoot is open to the public.  You need not be a member to attend and participate.  Come out and enjoy the afternoon.  RANGE OPEN AT 11AM FOR PRACTICE NMLRA RULES.  At noon the match shooting begins:  10 ONE SHOT MATCHES, NOVELTY MATCHES 25 AND 50 YARDS,  Blackpowder pistol target 6 shots score best 5.  NMLRA Rules plus we allow any muzzleloading rifle (including inlines). 

December  Brookfield Shoot

Al Hayes won the 50yd offhand. got the snowman and took the pistol match with 49xxx.

Happy Birthday Al

Frank Rose won the bench candle target

Loretta sent the Christmas cookies 

Frank Fowler did the coffee

January Brookfield Black Powder Shoot

1/21/2018   44 DEGREES

Al Hayes won the 50 yd offhand

Dave Sharps won the 50yd bench and the 25 yd bear novelty

Frank Rose won the pistol match

Loretta provided the red raspberry pie

Meat prizes were sausage and dead chickens

Next shoot is 2/18/2018 

Feburay Brookfield Black Powder Shoot

Was held on 2/18/2018 


Next shoot is 3/18/2018