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Club House    

           The clubhouse is nestled between large oaks and blends into the surrounding                       area. The dining rooms are paneled with oak, maple, cherry and apple, cut and                     timbered from the property. The walls have a variety of artful wildlife prints.  A                     frame of interest is the Ohio license collection, starting from the very first license                 issued to present time. This collection was donated to the Club by Gary Seifert.                     One wall has two very large murals of outdoor scenes. There are many wildlife                     mounts surrounding the large, high ceiling in the meeting room.   A very interesting             one is  a cougar (American Lion).  Does anyone remember the Mercury Cougar in                 the TV Ad’s.  It's on display on the mantel of the large stone fire place.  The club                   house is available for rent to members and the Brookfield Community.  For more                 information contact Robert Bridge at

Trap Range

             The trap range has lighted concrete firing positions.

Archery Range

            There are several range targets across from Club House with additional targets                      throughout the woods, also available are 3 D targets.

Firing Ranges

            The firing positions on all ranges are covered.      

                   25 / 50 yd  Rifle / Pistol Ranges

                  50 /100 yd Rifle Range

                  200 yd Rifle Range

Cowboy Shoot Range

            There are several ranges in the complex with steel reset-able knock down  targets,              perfect for the cowboy enthusiast

Fishing Pond

           The 2 acre fishing pond is a fully stocked        

          Catch and Release only

Hunting Acres

           230 Acres of wooded land to hunt on for squirrel, deer, pheasant and rabbit

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